Are you looking for excellent photography or video at a reasonable price?  Welcome!  Everyone claims to be a photographer but lack of experience leads to wasted time, missed opportunities and lackluster results. Low quality photos reflect negatively on you and your brand and average photos are quickly forgotten.

How do I guarantee great results? What makes me different ? With over 20 years experience I made lots mistakes and don’t forget them! I created a planning process to create a fun relaxed environment for you so your personality can shine through.  I come prepared with professional duplicate equipment and creative mindset to adapt quickly when a situations arises so we don’t miss a shot.  

Many of my clients are camera shy.   Don't worry I'm more playful than posed.  I direct you and we"ll have fun so you look natural and confident.  You won't feel too awkward and within 15 minutes you"ll forget about the camera.  It is very important to me that your photos look natural and you also enjoyed the experience.

We capture the photo and video with great lighting and angles but that is not the completed project.  Editing takes it from good to a work of art.

You inspire me with your ideas, energy, love and friendship. I hope my passion and pursuit perfection inspires you.